IR Right of shareholder


          The Company respects basic rights of shareholders of the Company by treating all shareholders equally. Shareholders are able to find out about the share trading, the result of the performance of the Company, management policies, AGM attendance for voting in electing or demote director, appointing the auditor and other related issues of the Company such as dividend payment, setting or amending the Company’s Articles of Association, capital reduction or increment, etc. Apart from such basic rights, the Company also provides and increases the shareholders’ convenience as follows:


          1) The Company publishes a meeting announcement in the Company’s website in advance. The meeting invitation letter with relevant papers shall be delivered to shareholders not less than 7 days prior to the meeting by stating date, time, venue, agenda and attachments as well as the meeting’s regulations and rights of shareholders in attending the meeting and voting.

          2) Should the shareholders cannot attend the meeting himself, he shall be able to use one of the provided proxy forms to authorize any independent directors or person to be his proxy.

          3) The Company shall allow all shareholders to study all information which was disclosed according to the relevant regulations. In addition, the Company shall not add in more agenda or change any significant issue without advance advice. There shall be no immediate additional documents provided in the meeting.

          4) The Company shall provide opportunities for shareholders to submit their comments and inquires in advance of the meeting day. Moreover, appropriate time shall be provided in the meeting for shareholders to query or comment in any issues.

          5) The Company shall provide opportunities for minor shareholders to suggest any issues in advance according to SET’s rules and regulations. Moreover, they shall have the right to nominate any qualified candidates as the Company’s directors.

          6) All directors shall attend the meeting unless there is any necessary matter. This shall enable all shareholders to query all relevant issues.

          7) The Company shall produce a detailed, completed and factual meeting minutes after the meeting ended. Such information includes voting process, names of Board of Directors and other committees, management attended and voting result in each agenda as well as questions and answers. The minutes will be published on the website of the Company.

21 January 2016

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