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“Committed to be the leader in furniture business in Southeast Asia and Create opportunities for continuous growth in business”.



Sustainability      The organization is developed to grow with sustainability such as the business expansion into the upstream business by being a manufacturer and distributor of MDF boards which is used in the furniture production helps  to reduce the cost of major raw materials for the Company’s furniture business / the expansion of business into the renewable energy business as an important tendency and a part of energy business establishment helps to continuously generate revenue and profit for the business in overall, etc.

Diversification     The risks from business operation are diversified, such as earning income from selling products in both domestic and international markets, having a variety of customer groups from exporting, modern trade stores, mid-to high level showrooms, wholesale stores and retail stores of furniture countrywide, the business expansion into other types of businesses including the energy business, the MDF board business (manufacture and distributor), etc., under the aims to diversify risks and to rely on other businesses apart from furniture business solely.

Adaptation          The company is preparing its readiness to continuously establish a strategy of change and adaption in the business to create opportunities for stable and sustainable business operations starting from manufacturing furniture parts to manufacturing rubber wood furniture, particle board furniture and manufacturing foil paper to reduce the cost of furniture production, etc.



“To lead the organization into the sustainable development and growth.


Long-Term Target

The Company formulates the long-term target by maintaining the growth rate of sales volume and profit from operation in furniture business group for continuous growth, aims to be the organization that develops our investment to reduce costs in the integrated furniture manufacturing business, sets target of returns from alternative energy business in the proportion for not below 30% of total net profit of the Company and its subsidiaries within 3 years, and diversifies the business operation risks by investing in other types of businesses with potentials and opportunities for continuous growth”.

For the long-term target for over 3 years, the Company aims to be the leader in the business of manufacturing and distributing furniture for export and the leader in the furniture distribution business for wholesale stores, retail stores countrywide and in the ASEAN region.


18 April 2019

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